Sunday, December 27, 2009

Great opportunities in India Real Estate Market says Marc Faber

Marc Faber sees Great opportunities in India Real Estate Market and Indian banks are sound and clean he says

In countries like India, Vietnam and China, real estate and infrastructure offer quite a huge potential. As transition happens in smaller cities, these sectors would benefit the most," he said. Commenting on the Indian stock markets, Faber said in an interview with ET Now , Marc Faber alsobelieves that Indian banks are relatively sound and clean in comparison to the Western world. :
"I think we had this huge intervention in the world. But if you look at the cause of the financial crisis, it was excessive credit growth and essentially the private sector has reacted rationally. After 2008, the private sector has reduced its leverage. In other words, the consumer credit is declining and business credit is also declining but this is being offset by a huge expansion of government credit. So total credit as a per cent of the economy in the US is still growing. Officially the debt to GDP is 375 per cent. It was 186 per cent when the US went into depression after 1929. "


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