Friday, February 5, 2010

America will go Bankrupt and will go to war Marc Faber from Moscow Russia

Marc Faber on US Bubble, 'worthless' dollar & Gold 'the Savior'

Marc Faber Says sure there are bubbles in China , but I prefer china's bubbles than the bubbles in the USA which will never going to be paid except with devalued dollars , "when i look at Obama Ben Bernanke and Gheithner one thing i will never do is to sell my Gold that's for sure " Faber says that sure we have corrections in the gold price , we already had 10% correction and we may have more corrections down the road , but at the speed the FED is printing money there is no other savior but GOLD....All the world will eventually go bankrupt except probably in the emerging economies......India Russia and China have no interests that the USA will succeed in Afghanistan so the war will go on and eventually will expand and when war breaks out the sky is the limit for commodity prices...we can go back to the gold standard but we have to revalue the gold price to something like one million dollar an ounce ...regarding oil Dr. Marc Faber says that to find a gallon of oil $50 dollars are needed , Faber pointed out that the gallon of oil is still a lot cheaper than a gallon of say Coca Cola , so which one is actually expensive and which one is cheap ?!?!
Marc Faber, author of Gloom Boom and Doom Report says many Western governments would eventually follow the US 'inevitable' default suit. Outspoken investor and writer Marc Faber doesn't give America much time before it goes bust.

America will go Bankrupt and will go to war Marc Faber from Moscow Russia

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