Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Marc Faber Dollar will go to value Zero in a maximum of ten years

Marc Faber : Bernanke is a good money printer and we should give him a medal for that

Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, reveals his views on the inflation/deflation, of the US dollar. Marc says, cash and treasury bond will lose and the winners will be foreign currency and commodities. Equities have some power to hedge inflation
“There is this huge debate between the deflationists and the inflationists. The deflationists believe that the DOW will fall to 4,000 and the S&P to 400 and that bonds will rally and that we will have widespread deflation like in the 1930’s. I belong more to the camp that looks more at inflation and deflation from a different perspective in the sense that in every system you can have some prices going down and some prices going up. Say if you have a glut in consumer goods then consumer good prices can go down. But if you print money and have a zero interest rate, then home prices theoretically could go up or if they don’t go up then stock prices can go up or commodities prices can go up. But in any event, your cash purchasing power diminishes over time, like the U.S. dollar [which] is weak. That’s a symptom of inflation…to have deflation in a system you would have to have a strong currency.”says Marc Faber

Dr. Marc Faber also known as Dr Doom is an investment adviser, investment analyst and fund manager author and publisher of the Gloom Boom & Doom Report ,and the author of "Tomorrows Gold" . Dr Faber is known for his contrarian investment approach. Dr Marc Faber is associated with a variety of funds and is a member of the Board of Directors of numerous companies.
In 1987 he warned his clients to cash out before Black Monday on Wall Street. He made them handsome profits by forecasting the burst in the Japanese Bubble in 1990. He correctly predicted the collapse in US gaming stocks in 1993; and he foresaw the Asia-Pacific financial crisis of 1997/98 and the resulting global volatility. Dr Doom motto is "Follow the course opposite to custom and you will almost be right"
Mr. Faber is also the author of several books, including Tomorrow’s Gold – Asia’s Age of Discovery, and is a director of Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. , a mining firm focused on the Asia Pacific region. He is also an adviser to a number of private investment funds.


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