Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mohamed El-Erian, CEO/CO-CIO, PIMCO

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EL-ERIAN: You know, Tom, all this speaks to what Ben Bernanke coined last week as the unusually uncertain outlook. Whether you look at the data, which is pointing in all sorts of directions, whether you look at the earnings, what we’re getting right now is very, very noisy picture. And it points to an uncertain outlook. Now, there’s two ways to think about this. One is, as you mentioned, certain data of backward looking, others are forward looking. The other thing – way to think about it is the reality that during regime shifts, data gets very noisy because you’re shifting from one regime to another and our inclination is the latter. Our inclination is to think of this as natural for a regime shift and we’re moving from a regime of high growth, leveraging, debt and credit entitlement to a more delivered, slower-growing, higher unemployment world.

Marc Faber on The Calls for Dow 1000 and QE2

“Investors should’ve listened to me already six months ago, when I wrote that the Fed will continue to monetize, and this is my view , they will never let up ? … they will print and print and print, until the final crisis wipes out the entire system,” Marc Faber
“I think that massive quantitative easing will come between say 870 to 950 on the S&P and my inclination is to believe that the July first low at 1010 will actually hold , and that the worst the economy becomes the more they’ll print money and the more equities can go up,” Marc Faber.

Dr. Marc Faber Tomorrow's Gold

Dr. Marc Faber author of the Gloom, Boom and Doom report is a world class Investor, Doctor Faber 's typically controversial and contrarian views have earned him the label of Dr. Doom. Doctor Doom also trades currencies and commodity futures like Gold Natural Gas and Crude Oil.Even his harshest critics must admit that he's been unerringly correct in his market forecasts over the past three decades . Marc Faber is a Swiss investor.He was born in Zurich, Switzerland. He went to school in Geneva and Zurich and finished high school with the Matura. He studied Economics at the University of Zurich and, at the age of 24, obtained a PhD in Economics magna cum laude. Between 1970 and 1978, Dr Faber worked for White Weld & Company Limited in New York, Zurich and Hong Kong. Since 1973, he has lived in Hong Kong. From 1978 to February 1990, he was the Managing Director of Drexel Burnham Lambert (HK) Ltd. In June 1990, he set up his own business, which acts as an investment advisor and fund manager. Faber is publisher of the Gloom Boom & Doom Report newsletter and is the director of Marc Faber Ltd which acts as an investment advisor and fund manager.

Dr Faber studied economics at the University of Zurich and, at the age of 24, obtained a PhD in economics. He publishes a widely read monthly investment newsletter The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, which highlights unusual investment opportunities, and is the author of several books, including Tomorrow’s Gold – Asia’s Age of Discovery which was first published in 2002 and highlights future investment opportunities around the world. Tomorrow’s Gold was for several weeks on Amazon’s bestseller list and has been translated into Japanese, Korean, Thai and German. A regular speaker at various investment seminars, Dr Faber is well known for his contrarian investment approach. He is also associated with a variety of funds.