Friday, October 22, 2010

Niall Ferguson: Chinese More Committed to Capitalism

October 22, 2010 -- In a panel about getting America back from the depths of economic despair at The Daily Beast's Innovators Summit in New Orleans, Niall Ferguson, historian and Harvard Business School professor, told Sir Harold Evans that, "The Chinese are more committed to capitalism than we are."

Marc Faber on Deflation and Inflation

Marc Faber: Yes. And also I’d like to point out that in an economic system you can always have, in some sectors of the economy, deflation and then in the other sectors inflation. And we have now a global economy. I can assure you, you can go anywhere in the world – whether it’s Brazil, Africa, Asia, Central Asia, Russia.

The price level today is of course much higher than 20 years ago or ten years ago. So the US and western Europe, they may have on an international scale a bias towards maybe deflating a little bit, certainly. Real wages are deflating. But in emerging economies you have a lot of inflation. In some countries you have food prices going up annually at 20 percent per annum. And nobody can tell me that his energy bill is today lower than it was ten years ago.

Because the price of oil is much higher. It is up from ten dollars a barrel to say eighty dollars a barrel.
via the Daily Reckoning


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