Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stephen Roach, Americas Economy Looks Cloudy

Former Morgan Stanley Asia Chairman Stephen Roach breaks down why the current economic outlook is hampering job creation.

Marc Faber : Stocks and Gold Correction Overdue

Marc Faber : ....I think QE2 will be interesting to watch , basically what we have is , back in July august investors were very bearish on the market and they talked about the The Hindenburg Omen and that everything would crash and so forth ...and what then happened is that September was very strong and October was reasonably good month as well , and the market has gone from a low on July first of 1010 on the S&P to close to 1200 , and so a lot of QE2 has been discounted and if you were mister Bernanke I suppose that you would probably disappoint investor somewhat with QE2 and watch once the market reaction , if the market really sell-off you can then increase QE2 or launch QE3 , and QE4 and QE5 and so forth , they'll be many more QEs ......etc....
Marc Faber : ....I think that a correction is overdue, but I wouldn’t think the bear market is around the corner. I think on a correction there will be buying opportunity and I think we will have a crack up boom in stocks.....

Stephen Roach, U.S. Has Japan Disease, Could Drag Global Economy Into a Quagmire

If we’re not careful the U.S. could suffer “Japanese disease”, Stephen Roach, Yale Professor and Morgan Stanley’s non- executive Asia chairman recently wrote in a note to clients.

Roach expounds on that idea in the accompanying interview, recorded at The Economist’s Buttonwood Gathering in New York City.

The message is simple: The U.S. has learned nothing from Japan. If it continues on the path of QE2, “Japanese disease” is likely to spread like a pandemic throughout the globe, he warns. "I am increasingly worried that the world economy is at risk of falling into a Japanese-like quagmire." read full article >>>>>


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