Sunday, February 20, 2011

Joseph Stiglitz : we spend too much on prisons and healthcare

Joseph Stiglitz : ".... in some states now we are spending as much on prisons as we do on universities , well that's good for GDP ..." " is not good to have so many people in prison and it is symptom of something dysfunctional , now we can have all discussions about what it is dysfunctional . but it is not positive ...another example is we spend more on healthcare than any other country as a percentage of GDP and our health outcomes are much lower than any other industrial countries and actually lower than many developing countries , well the extra money that we spend on healthcare shows up as a contribution to GDP if we got more efficient our GDP could go down ...

Glenn Beck The Coming Insurrection 2/11/ 2010

From 2010
The Coming Insurrection. What is Coming in Europe and How To Prevent it From Happening in America. Guests Tonight: Authors Niall Ferguson, Brian Doherty and Damon Vickers of Nine Points Capital Partners


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