Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mish Shedlock, what Recovery , there is no Recovery

Mike Mish Shedlock , of Sitka Pacific Capital : we are seeing weakness across the board , we are seeing weakness in Australia we are seeing weakness in China , Italy came out today with an unexpected plunge in retail consumer spending , so where all does that lead ? and only so much of this you can blame on Japan I mean the whole world is not collapssing because we could not get auto parts from Japan

Marc Faber : Real Estate in the US is very inexpenssive

Marc Faber : ...well I do not like treasuries for the long run but I think they could rally somewhat for the next three months you know they are not going to collapse for the next three months , and the dollar will probably strengthen against the Euro for the next three months that will be my impression , so if you have large exposure to foreign currencies I would rather now move back to US dollars , I think there is an asset class in the US that is inexpensive but it won't go up but it is inexpensive is real estate , yes very inexpensive compared to the rest of the world investment you have to be patient , the impatient people they always buy things that are moving right at the end of their trend like the NASDAQ in year 2000 like commodities in year 2008 at the peak and so forth and so on better buy things that are depressed even if you have to wait five years but they offer some value" Bloomberg TV


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