Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mark Mobius, Emerging Markets Opportunities

Mark Mobius , of Templeton Emerging Markets Group shares his strategy for overseas investment , Mark Mobius is one of the most renowned global investors on the plant. Mark Mobus oversees $50 billion in assets and says emerging markets has been providing a wealth of opportunities, and he's been saying that for a long time.
Mark Mobius : "the reason why i say that is the problems that we faced during subprime have not really been solved. banks that are too big to fail, they have gotten bigger. derivatives that are really not regulated yet, and the fact that the bank balance sheets around the world, in many of the larger banks, are not really that healthy, so you have a situation which if not corrected will result in another crisis. now, i must also state it's no big disaster. in fact, it could be an opportunity, particularly in emerging markets, because it will give us an opportunity to buy cheap stocks again, so i don't consider it a very bad thing to happen. of course, we don't distinguish to happen, but i think it is -- it is inevitable. "

Marc Faber : The CIA is completely useless

Marc Faber : The CIA is completely useless they had no idea that the unrest ( in North Africa and the middle east ) would start they had no ground information that something was going on so the US and this president had no way to react properly


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