Monday, June 20, 2011

Mohamed El-Erian, Nothing but bad choices for Europe

Mohamed El-Erian "...I was in Europe last week and there's nothing but bad choices. they're looking at a series of bad choices which makes it very difficult to take a decision. so as Michelle said, they've decided not to decide when it comes to the creditors. meanwhile Greece is seeing a tremendous amount of bickering and the issue is nothing so far has been done to solve the two problems Greece has. one, compete excessive debt and inability to grow. it will weigh on our markets here and we'll see the same set of headlines over and over again and we cannot continue to kick the can down the road because we're coming to the end of the road in Greece. "
"first you recognize it's a solvency issue, not a liquidity issue. second you recognize that waiting has contaminated it. so part of the problem now is that the ECB balance sheet has gotten contaminated. so you need to have an action plan for that. thirdly, you need to protect the economies that do not have the characteristics of Greece, but could get contaminated. Spain, Italy. you need to move on plan b quickly, otherwise you're going to get stuck and everything's going to be more difficult. a year ago the ECB balance sheet was not contaminated so we could have solved it easier. today it is contaminated, so it gets more complicated. and six months time, gets even more complicated. so waiting around, not to kick the can down the road, but just waiting around makes the solution even more difficult."


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