Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rick Santelli vs Steve Liesman on QE3

Rick Santelli says that Bernanke was put in charge of fixing the unfixable : "you know, many people down here have high respect for mr. Bernanke, they don't agree with him and don't necessarily believe that he will have the conviction in the economy to do anything other than continue on the same road. i don't know if that answers the question. listen, this is one man mostly an academic background in charge of fixing the unfixable. i guess that's a good place to leave it, in my opinion"

Marc Faber & Jim Rogers on Europe Demographic problems

Marc Faber : ...One of the reasons that we have a low birth rate in Europe is it is very expensive to have babies , in Asia is not that expensive to have babies and the divorce laws are very unfavorable in western Europe that will have to change so that people again will be more inclined to get married because the risk will be lessened but in Eastern Europe and in Russia the birth rate have been very low because of economic conditions , if economic conditions will improve ..." Jim Rogers pointed out that in Spain which was poor and they got more prosperous but in the same time their birth rate became the lowest in Europe , at the present projections there will be no Spanish in hundred years


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