Monday, July 4, 2011

Marc Faber : Gold Mining Shares are quite inexpensive

Marc Faber : ..In the seventies by in large stocks did badly but there were big fluctuations every year so there was a lot of volatility and also if you bought at the lows of 74 , you actually made money , number two there were two sectors of the market that were very strong , energy and mining these two were very very strong , I think at present time Gold mining shares the exploration companies are quite inexpensive but I would even say that big oil companies are not terribly expenssive or natural gas companies so that is a sector I would eventually look at , I would say in the Gold mining sector you can buy the more established companies like Newmont Mining Corp. or Freeport McMoran Copper & Gold , the more exciting part are the exploration companies but they have also higher risk but for instance NovaGold was at 20 dollars two years ago it went down to about a dollar now it is about 4 , I mean the value of the company could easily be 15 , 20 dollars so there are a lot of companies that are still attractive , in the national gas base I would say a speculative investment Chesapeake Energy very good as gas prices recovers and one day it will recover , it is not easy to play it the recovery and then you have the Oil Companies the Exxon of this world and so forth they are not terribly expensive ..." - in tech ticker


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