Sunday, August 7, 2011

Marc Faber : we have abysmal performance of equities in the last ten years

Marc Faber : Well, basically, I mean, I would say we look at different asset classes. So we cash, we have government bonds, we have corporate bonds, we have real estate, we have equities and we have commodities and precious metals. And so the question is, you know, where do you put your money if you and I go away to an island or to jail for ten years and we can’t make any transactions and we come back in ten years’ time? I think if the objective is the maintenance of purchasing power, in other words, you just don’t want to wake up in ten years’ time when you come out of jail and what you have is worthless, then I would say that probably gold is the best alternative. If the question is how do you maximize profit, probably there may be more profit in equities because, you know, we have abysmal performance of equities in the last ten years. And particularly in the US, as a result of the decline in the value of the US dollar, equities would seem to me to be not particularly expensive. I think what would be dangerous for you and me would be to put all our money in US dollar cash and in US government bonds for ten years and then come back and maybe find out that we can buy with a hundred thousand dollars just a cup of coffee -- or not even that.


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