Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hold On To Gold

Marc Faber : “I am not sure how high the price of gold or silver will increase but when I consider the further inevitable growth of the US and other governments’ debts, the creation of paper money in the world and especially at the low gold ownership rate in the world, I am confident that the price trend of gold is up,” Faber wrote in the August edition of his newsletter the Gloom Boom & Doom Report. - in The Jakarta Globe

Marc Faber : Oil will do well if there is a war

Marc Faber :  The next time we will have a global economic crisis it will be much worse than 2008 before it happens there will be money printing and there 'll be war , and then the whole thing will collapse , and that's why I am advising people you have to think it through , in a total collapse you do not want to own government bonds and cash , equities they do not perform well but at least you have the ownership of companies and precious metals in that environment do relatively well and of course Oil will do well if there is a war- in CNBC


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