Friday, September 9, 2011

Marc Faber : Ignore The Government Garbage

Marc Faber : look I have a TV in my office , if I switch it on once a month to look at the news that's about it I am not interested in the Garbage these government officials broadcast either they are lies or they are distrustful , You can't trust them anymore because they produce statistics that are completely unrealistic.
"Basically if you believe in a market economy and capitalistic system you don't believe in government intervention," Faber says. "If you want to have a properly functioning economy it has to be a market economy with all its drawbacks and disadvantages and the pain for individuals. That is the only way [the economy] will function."

Obama speech & Jobs Plan irrelevant

Dr Marc Faber reacts to Obama's speech about his $447 Jobs plan : I think the speech is quite irrelevant , it is more of the same again , government interventions and obviously it is a sign that budget deficit in the US will not diminish meaningfully that the government debt will continue to rise ...I do not think there will be a strong reaction - Marc Faber told The Indian CNBC TV18 .


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