Wednesday, January 11, 2012

El-Erian : Joseph Stiglitz is right on Europe

Mohamed El-Erian : He (Joseph Stiglitz) is right in the sense that the muddled middle which is where Europe has been is no longer sustainable. The crisis that started in the outer periphery - Greece - not only has shifted to the inner periphery and the outer core - Spain and Italy - but it has also impacted FRANCE. Which is the inner core. Europe has to make a choice if it wants to save the euro. One choice is full fiscal union and the other is a smaller Eurozone. That is a political decision Germany must take.

Mohamed El-Erian : Chairman Bernanke has said there are benefits and costs and risks. That balance is shifting from benefits to potential costs and risks. If they did QE3 there would get some benefits but also quite a few distortions and collateral damage put into the system that could take us years to overcome. You will see pressure on the currency and the functioning of the markets. More and more non-commercial forces will be determining market outcomes [Amazing]

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