Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The best is not to intervene into a Free Market

Marc Faber: China, coming back to China, I am not saying that it is necessarily his fault that this has happened but then you should not claim that with monetary policies, you can influence economic expansions and avoid recessions. In other words, what’s the case he’s always maintained: through our interventions, we can smoothen out the business cycle. But actually if you look at the record, you have higher booms and busts and you have higher financial volatility. This year we never, ever had before a year when you had so many nine to one advance days and nine to one decline days. In other words, volatility has been incredibly high the end result is that the S&P is basically unchanged. I mean I just argue the best is not to intervene into a free market. One intervention leads to another one. And at the end, you have a socially communist system like we had in the Soviet Union and in China. And we all know what the economic results were of those experiences.

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