Thursday, January 12, 2012

Real Estate is Cheap in America Now

Marc Faber : .....Now when I tell people in America that real estate is now relatively inexpensive, relatively compared to other asset classes, they look at me as if I am coming from the moon. But four years ago they were buying real estate like crazy and if you told them that real estate is in a bubble, they would not have believed it. I think now that time is coming to allocate some money to real estate and with the 25% cash you just wait until there is a great big break either in stock or in gold. And then you add to positions. And I am also recommending to have allocations to income producing investments in the sense that if you have dividend paying stocks and in the U.S. stocks do not have a high yield, but say in Asia, I can still provide you a portfolio that have equities that will yield between 5% and 7%. But with that kind of a yield, you have a cash flow and you can reinvest your dividends. So in the long run you should be okay. But then again, not only about gold do I have a concern, I also have a concern, generally speaking, about our capitalistic system. For sure, people with assets, they will be taxed more heavily, that is for sure.

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  1. This blog is really interesting and informative for us.I really agree with this blog.In America real estate price will really cheap compare to other country.



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