Sunday, February 12, 2012

John Williams - Real Inflation & employment numbers.

John Williams
of the shadow stats interviewed by this week in money about the Real Inflation and employment numbers."We actually saw that in this last year, a very unusual time where the Federal Reserve, with its Quantitative Easing II package, actually bought, in net Treasury securities, more than the Treasury issued for public consumption, so that the Fed, effectively, in that period of time, fully monetized the federal debt. That is working through the system – very, very inflationary, and we have, unfortunately, a lot more of that ahead. But if the government can’t have normal auctions, if it cannot raise the funds from people who want to lend the money to the government, domestic or foreign, it will most likely do what almost every other country in that type of circumstance has done, and that is, to print the money they need to meet their obligations. That becomes very inflationary – hyperinflationary" said John Williams recently in another interview


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