Thursday, February 9, 2012

Marc Faber Real Estate outlook for Singapore & Hong Kong

Marc Faber : The question is, to what extent has that been discounted already? They could fall another 20%, but a luxury-property developer like Wing Tai Holdings [WINGT.Singapore] already sells for half its book value. I am positive about Singapore in the long run because more Europeans are moving there, and to Hong Kong. Because of banking-secrecy laws it is probably safer to have a bank account in Singapore than Europe. The Hong Kong market was hit hard, and stocks haven't bottomed yet. But you can buy Sun Hung Kai Properties [16.Hong Kong], with a P/E of five and a yield of 3.5%. Swire Pacific [19.Hong Kong] is a blue-chip, a well-managed conglomerate. It yields almost 5% and the P/E is 11. Hang Seng Bank [11.HK] yields 5.6% and trades for 11 times earnings. There isn't a huge risk in these stocks, but maybe I'm too bullish. - in Barron's 2012 Roundtable


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