Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thai & Indian Banks & exposure to Europe debt

Marc Faber : Order, order. I haven't finished. Fraser & Neave [FNN.Singapore], in Singapore, is a conglomerate similar to Swire. It sells for 10 times earnings and yields about 3%. It could become a takeover target at some point. Lastly, I am the chairman of the India Capital Fund [an open-end fund sold outside the U.S.]. The fund and the Indian currency have been hit hard, and the fund could go lower. But the U.S. outperformed India last year on the order of 40%, and the Indian market looks attractive at 12 times earnings. As Chen Zhao at BCA Research said, in China the macro backdrop is fantastic and the micro is a disaster, but in India the macro is a disaster and the micro is fantastic. India has very good companies. The fund is overweight the banks and has a P/E of 10. Last year I was overweight the U.S. relative to emerging economies. At what stage will the outperformance of the U.S. cease and emerging markets rise again? It could be three or six months, or a year. I am gradually increasing my exposure to emerging markets. Thai and Indian banks have no exposure to Europe. Indian banks lend domestically. - in The Barron's Roundtable


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