Saturday, May 5, 2012

The aim of Iran is to have nuclear weapons

Marc Faber : Time is on their side. I’ve seen it with the Japanese negotiations in the ’70s. The Americans always went to Japan and wanted to force Japan to essentially let the yen appreciate strongly. And the Japanese always said, “Yes, yes; we do.” And then nothing happened. But they bought time. And if you talk to the Chinese, they also bide time. Politicians are very good at postponing important decisions. And so the Iranians will always comply a little bit and continue their programs. In my view, it is crystal clear that the aim of Iran is to have nuclear weapons. Now we may argue, “Well, should they have or shouldn’t they have?” Pakistan and India and France and Britain and the U.S. and Israel have nuclear weapons. Why should other countries not have? I think Switzerland should have nuclear weapons. - in Seeking Alpha


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