Monday, July 30, 2012

Marc Faber : The Credit Default Swap Market is indicator of the Future

Marc Faber : .....well May be the Credit Default swap market is indicator of the future , and the difficulty today in the market is difficult enough to predict markets when they are perfect markets in other words in markets where no participant has a dominant position in the market place but now we have government interventions , The German economy is an economy higher than a trillion dollars economy the EU is a fifteen trillion dollars economy how do you want one country to bailout everybody else ? it is not going to work , but the politicians who set in Brussels and so forth they may insist on more money printing which does not really help it may postpone the problem somewhat but it does not help in the long run and fiscally the Germans they cannot afford to help everybody , so I mean what we will eventually get are defaults either through inflation because too much money will be printed or we will get defaults through actual defaults where significant bond positions will have to be written off - in The Money and Wealth Show
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