Thursday, July 26, 2012

US Treasury Bonds : The risk out weights the return potential

MARC FABER : you know treasury yields peaked out in 1981 with the ten years at 15.8 percent and now we're below 1.5 percent , some of my friends who are the super bears on assets prices and on inflation , they think that we will have deflation they think that yields would drop to say less than one percent on the ten years and less than 2 percent on the thirty years , so it may happen but say it is like if you said at the end of 99 the NASDAQ is a bubble well it still went up between December 99 and March 2000 by thirty percent and offers people a hell lot of money in NASDAQ stocks , so all I am saying is I do not think that from a longer term perspective to own US treasuries is a desirable investment but if you asked me , can they rally somewhat more , YES possible I just won't buy them at this level I think the risk out weights the return potential - in RT America

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