Monday, August 20, 2012

Marc Faber : Euro Equities better that Euros and Euro Bonds

Marc Faber : ....say you look at Spain Italy Portugal Greece , they were either at the 2009 lows or below the 2009 lows just recently , now they rallied somewhat but I think we seen a major low in the European markets we all know how bad the situation is it has been sufficiently documented and people analysts and strategists have now wasted one and half year time talking about the Euro will it break up not break up and so forth but in the meantime equities have become very very inexpensive because if you really think it through and you think of total disaster in Europe which would be the break up of the Euro as the media portrays it , I think that would be the best solution to get rid of the politicians and have again individual countries and a flexible exchange rate ...what is it better to be in the Euro in Euro denominated bonds or in equities ? I think equities are relatively more attractive - in Bloomberg Radio Interview
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