Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Marc Faber : The Global Economy Slowing Down

Marc Faber : The high was this year on April 4 at 1422. I think it's possible, based on the few stocks that are strong and the rebound candidates, we will exceed that high. That maybe we move to 1450 or even 1500. But the difficulty at the present time is you have ousted expansionary monetary policies, zero interest rates in real terms and you have a slowdown in the global economy. At the present time in Asia, we have practically no growth. In Europe, we are in recession. In the US, there is very little growth. So you are, on the one hand, faced with a lot of incoming liquidity created by central banks and on the second hand you have essentially a global economy that is slowing down where corporate profits will rather disappoint than exceed expectations. - in CNBC TV18
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