Saturday, August 11, 2012

Marc Faber outlook for India

Q: How about India which is pretty much in the same kind of description that you outlined which is that macro is weak, fundamentals are not great, but liquidity is keeping stock prices higher. Do you see it continuing that way in the foreseeable future?

Marc Faber : Yes, I think we can also rebound here somewhat. But I would use essentially strength in Asian emerging markets that have actually and India is not in that category, but say Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand have performed very well over the last 12 months. So I would use strength here as an opportunity to lighten up on positions. But it all depends on each individual investor. If someone has all his money in equities I would be aggressive seller at this level and on any rebound and if someone has only 20% in equities I wouldn’t worry about that. My approach is to have a diversified portfolio at this stage. - in CNBC TV18
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