Sunday, August 19, 2012

Taiwan and South Korea Exports to understand the Real Chinese Statistics

Marc Faber : ...Well of course (I wouldn't trust the numbers coming out of the Chinese government) , I think this is a problem worldwide , I wouldn't trust the numbers coming out of the US either , but in general we have relatively reliable statistics about Chine coming from the outside and also inside in terms of physical production of goods and services so for instance Taiwan and South Korea these countries largest export markets are China by wide margin they are exporting to China as much as Europe and the US combined so if these countries exports are down year after year it tells you something about the Chinese economy then you look at the electricity production it was down in June and so forth and so on , so we have quite reliable statistics where we can essentially observe that there have been a very very significant slowdown in the Chinese economy , I am not saying the the Chinese economy is already in recession the way the rest of Asia , it is just not growing anymore at a very high level of business activity .... - in Bloomberg Radio Interview
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