Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Marc Faber: Buy These to Prepare for The Coming Collapse

Marc Faber : ... I am bearish about the financial system and I think eventually it will collapse, but if you think it through, what is better to own in a systemic crisis, cash with the banks, treasury bills, or real estate in the u.s., or equities? I think that real estate in the u.s., I'm not talking about west 15 where Sandy just sold his condo 88 million. I'm talking about real estate say in Arizona in Georgia, Nevada, that real estate is relatively inexpensive on an international scale. you have a house, eventually you 'll keep that house unless you borrowed too much money, but that is the problem. Secondly Equities , Equities McDonalds will still be around no matter what crisis will happen in the world. Johnson & Johnson will still be around. Procter & Gamble as well as the European blue chip companies and Asian blue chip companies. I'm not sure that sovereign bonds will still be around. that is another issue. - in CNBC The Call 06 Sept 2012


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