Sunday, September 2, 2012

Marc Faber: I expect a Weak Stock Market

(In German - Original Air Date on 28.08.2012) The Swiss famed investor Marc Faber has in the last DAF-blown interview in early July said that for the first time he is interested about the European equities. But meanwhile Faber has become more cautious: "I have not yet bought recently because I expect more of a weak market in September / October in the world," Faber says ."Although I do not expect a crash, it is conceivable that there will be a crash similar scenario." More in this interview. "Crash prophet", "gold guru", "Dr. Doom" - or just Marc Faber. Whenever the mood in the markets is on the brink, his analyzes are required. The Swiss investment legend Marc Faber has predicted almost exactly during the the last decades many stock market crashes, including the "Black Monday." In the U.S. (1987), the Japan-Crash (1990) and the great Asian crisis (1997/98) Also, Faber in DAF interview mid July 2011 He expected a correction of 20-30 per cent in the equity markets, so . In the following two months, the Dow has lost about a third of its value. The recent rally in the stock markets, the Swiss was also on the bill. In early July this year, the stock market guru has meant in the DAF interview that the stock markets in Europe may well rise another 20 to 30 percent. Then, the German index has enjoyed a stunning rally. What sort of development Marc Faber now calculate what's his take on the commodity markets, and specifically the precious metals prices slump,

Der Schweizer Starinvestor Marc Faber ( hat im letzten DAF-Interview Anfang Juli zum Einstieg in europäische Aktien geblasen. Doch mittlerweile ist Faber zurückhaltender geworden: "Ich habe noch nicht nachgekauft, weil ich eher eine schwache Börse im September/Oktober erwarte auf der ganzen Welt", so Faber. Mehr dazu im ersten Teil des neuen Exklusiv-Interviews. (Erstausstrahlung am 28.08.2012). Den zweiten Teil sehen Sie unter:


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