Monday, October 29, 2012

Asia Economic rise a Blueprint to sustained Global Growth

“Asia had a terrific crisis in 97, 98 and the answer was de-leveraging and austerity and now it is reasonably placed. The fastest growth in recent history has actually been in the undemocratic countries – Japan, Korea and China," "The G7 share in world exports has been declining and the rest of the world mostly the emerging countries has been growing, so we have this shift in the balance of economic power and this is why the Chinese economy is very important to most countries in the world,Marc Faber said at the Diversified Asset Show in central London last week .


  1. faber says buy = you SHORT !!

    just like april 2012 he says buy nikkei..then dropped from 10.5k to 8k...nice going "strategist" LOL !!!

  2. But I think some Nikkei Stocks i.e. Toyota are doing great even though they missed $$ billions from Japan-China feud.


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