Thursday, October 4, 2012

Marc Faber : I Still Hold 25 per Cent in Equities

Marc Faber : I still hold 25 per cent in equities. One might argue it's very low, but some of my investments like gold and debt have equity characters. If equity markets go down, the prices of these bonds will go up and in other words the yields will move up. Further, if equities go up, the prices of gold, too, will move up, along with the liquidity pumped in the central banks. I do not know how the world would look in five years' time. One day, there will be a deflationary collapse that will blow all the levers and deflate assets prices. But before everything collapses, we could go up in equity markets and in other assets market. So I want to have them in my portfolio. In fact to me, if you buy equity, precious metals, diamonds, paintings and real estate, everything will go up somewhat more. But I believe in the event of collapse, you will be able to buy most of these assets at lower prices than what they are now. - in rediff business


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