Monday, December 24, 2012

Marc Faber 2013 Gloomy Outlook For The Global Economy

Marc Faber from Mauritius talks to Fox Business News about the gloomy outlook for the developed economies but also some Bright Spots in Global Economy The Gloom Boom & Doom' report editor Marc Faber weighs in on the state of the global economy. " the global economy is slowing down considerably we have a recession in Europe in the US we have possibly one or two percent growth may be no growth depending on how you compile the statistics we have a slowdown inn Asia in particular in China but there are some positive spots in the world , i was recently traveling in Indo-China in south east Asia in other words countries like Myanmar Thailand Cambodia Viet Nam this is a region of 250 million people they will integrate and they will grow very rapidly ...." says Dr. Marc Faber


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