Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Marc Faber: Expect More Quantitative Easing in Europe, U.S.

Dr .Marc Faber : of the Gloom Boom and Doom report believes there will be a QE3 in America and more Quantitative Easing in Europe too , "in general I would say the news follow events in other words the downgrades were already discounted by the bonds markets in Europe and when the news came out it had no impact actually the market was kind of relieved says Marc Faber ....

Marc Faber recommends Novartis Nestle & Total

Marc Faber : well, i think companies like Novartis Nestle Total are reasonably good value. i mean, they're not compelling values, but you understand with zero interest rate, it's very difficult to value anything. and anything that has a dividend yield of 3% compared to 0% interest rate is relatively attractive. and i believe in the world the central banks will keep interest rates below the rate of inflation. in other words, what you will have is negative real interest rates for essentially as far as the eye can see. and in that environment you want to be in real estate and equities and you want to be in precious metals. - in CNBC

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In 2012 The US Stock Market will not outperform the other Markets

Marc Faber : Well basically European stock markets last year were down between 15% and 30% depending on the market. and European stocks grossly underperformed the u.s. -- I mean the whole world grossly underperformed the u.s., which actually in 2011 performed reasonably well. the u.s. was flat on the year. and the utilities index was up. but the other markets in the world, emerging markets and European markets were very weak. now, I believe that sometimes in 2012 the outperformance of the u.s. of the other markets will cease , and you have to move back into quality companies in Europe and into emerging economies. - in CNBC

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