Friday, February 17, 2012

Marc Faber : Southern US Housing Market Very Attractive Investment

Marc Faber : "If you look at the supply of homes, new construction, and you compare it to immigration into the United States, to the growth of the population, then these (southern) markets are very attractive from a longer term perspective," - in CNBC

Marc Faber likes Japan Equity Market

Marc Faber : "The most important for Japanese stocks, for them to perform well, is a weakening yen,"  "I think the Japanese, like everybody else in this world, will print money and once they print money and the yen no longer strengthens, I think there's a good chance that Japanese stocks will surprise on the upside." - in CNBC

Marc Faber : Emerging Market Stocks Due for Correction

Marc Faber : "Last year, emerging markets and Europe grossly underperformed the U.S. - say in the case of India by 40 percent,"  "So from the lows in November, the emerging markets have now outperformed the U.S." "Now I think the markets are overbought and a correction is coming very soon." - in CNBC's Straight Talk show.


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