Saturday, January 26, 2013

Marc Faber : The Markets are Manipulated

Marc Faber : “The problem with shorting the markets nowadays is that you have this huge intervention by governments. Look at bonds of Italy Portugal and Spain–they rallied last year, there was a huge profit opportunity, and I admit that I missed it, but the profit opportunity came about as a result of government intervention. I feel the markets are — some people say it is intervention. I can call it manipulation. If manipulation continues, you do not know how far they will go. The only thing I know is one day the markets will punish the interventionists, the Keynesians and the monetary that the Federal Reserve and ECB has enforced because the markets will be more powerful one day. How will this look like? Will the bond market collapse or equity markets become a bubble, which would be embarrassing for the Fed’s sake if the U.S. market became a gigantic bubble and at the same time the economy does not recover.” - in Bloomberg
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