Thursday, February 28, 2013

Marc Faber - 2013 Gold Price Prediction

Marc Faber in a recent interview discussing his predictions and outlook for 2013 regarding gold and silver prices. I have some concerns about confiscation especially in the united states Faber said " I have argued for the last 12 years that investors should buy a little bit of physical gold every month and put it aside without concerns about corrections. If you don't own any gold, I would start buying some right away, keeping in mind that it could go down. For the last 40 years in my business I've seen people always lose money when they put too much money into something and then it goes down. They panic and sell, or they have a margin call to sell—and lose money. I own gold. It's my biggest position in my life. The possibility of the gold price going down doesn't disturb me. Every bull market has corrections." Marc Faber said in another interview regarding owning Gold


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