Friday, February 1, 2013

Marc Faber :You are in Great Danger if you don't own any GOLD

Marc Faber : "A year ago, the mood in Europe was horrible and nobody could see how on earth stocks could go up," says Gloom, Boom & Doom author and money-manager Marc Faber, who urged CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo to buy gold earlier this week. "Now since May 2012, less than a year ago, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, are up between 30 and 40% and Greece has doubled...!""For the first time in four years," Faber continued Wednesday, pointing to the US stock market, "since the lows in March 2009, I love this market. Because the higher it goes the more likely we will have a nice crash, a big time crash."You are in great danger if you don't own any gold," - in CNBC


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