Thursday, February 7, 2013

Video : Marc Faber Sees Bubble in Safest Government Bonds

Dr. Marc Faber on Bloomberg 1-20-2013 . Marc Faber Sees Bubble in Safest Government Bonds , you remember august 99 to March 2000 the NASDAQ doubled , it doubled by a hundred percent but at no time during that time frame was it a good buy often people lost a lot of money , we have today in my opinion a symptom of inflation of monetary inflation and this is corporate profits have rebound they're at record highs and the second symptom is essentially a bubble in high quality government bonds , not in Italian bonds not in Spanish bonds but people feel so insecure and they are so much worried that they say OK I'd rather be in treasury in America at no yield or in Germany at negative yields and get my money back than in bonds in equities that may not pay me and it drops by 30 percent , but it does not make them a good buy longer term ,,,,


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