Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Marc Faber : China is using North Korea to do their dirty work

Marc Faber : "Don`t think the North Koreans are acting alone," he said. China is in cahoots with the North, he said, despite Beijing`s tough talk against Pyongyang over the weekend. China`s foreign minister said it would not allow "trouble making" on its doorstep, while Chinese President Xi Jinping appeared to rebuke North Korea during a speech, in which he said no country should be allowed to cause chaos "for selfish gain." Faber noted, "In general, [North Korea] is a country that can hardly produce bicycles. They have practically no industries. How can they have nuclear technology? How can they supply weapons to Iran?" He claimed that "China is using the North Koreans" to do their dirty work. - in CNBC Squawk Box
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