Sunday, June 23, 2013

Marc Faber : I am not a Prophet but I will continue to Buy GOLD

Dr. Marc Faber told Bloomberg yesterday  that the sentiment on gold and bonds in incredible negative and that the Fed, regardless of who winds up replacing Bernanke, will be forced to engage in endless monetary stimulus.   According to Faber "as I said already three years ago, we are going to go gold."
with the Fed to QE99." Faber notes that the cost of living continues to increase  on a global basis and the benefits of QE are mainly benefiting the richest members of society who hold large amounts of assets.  As money printing destroys the purchasing power of the middle class there will be worldwide social unrest which has already erupted in numerous countries.As to what the price of gold will be at year end, Mr. Faber declined to speculate saying that "I am not a prophet but I will continue to buy
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