Monday, June 17, 2013

Marc Faber: The US Can ‘Artificially Depress’ Prices And Confiscate Your Gold

Now you’re emphasising stored outside the U.S.. We’re a pretty safe country Marc, why do you have to keep the gold out of here?

Marc Faber:  Well, safe country? I’m not so sure about that under the present government. But in 1933, gold was taken away from Americans. The government paid them $25 and after, they revalued the gold to $35. So, basically what the government can do once again, and that is a possibility. They could artificially depress, manipulate the price down and then say ‘Gold is illegal to be held. We have to collect all the gold from the citizens.’ Say if they manipulated the price down to $1,000. They could collect it at $1,000 and then revalue to $10,000. - in au.businessinsider


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