Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I would hold Physical Gold. Preferably in Singapore, Hong Kong or other Asian countries

 Marc Faber : All I want to say, I would hold physical gold. Preferably probably in Singapore, Hong Kong or other Asian countries. And gold shares are a trading opportunity because they’re so oversold and along with the performance of gold prices they should re-bounce quite strongly. - in goldswitzerland

Marc Faber is an international investor known for his uncanny predictions of the stock market and futures markets around the world.


  1. something will break badly he said in May, the S&P peaked at 1500 in April, a 87 style crash was coming aso. Mr Bernanke he called a clown. But Mr Faber surely destroyed more than latter. He was right once. And now is the advertising face of Sprott metals. There is no more honesty.

  2. hold gold what exactly for? waiting to come back to average prices of 500? defending 0.7% inflation? or to keep the price up so others can still run to the exit?

    1. I do not know my friend , personally I have started dumping all my physicals starting with the Silver , I took 50% loss but at least now I am free , I was tired to dragging with me tons of physical silver from my home to another (yes I rent ) always scared of having it stolen seized or lost , I have learned my lesson the hard way from now I will be buying paper assets as everybody else and hoarding credit and paper and most importantly guns and bullets , let others hoard physical and worry about it

    2. sometimes learning late is better than listening too long to the wrong people. Dr Doom can be understood. if I had a deal with Sprott I would sing their song, too. You 50pc loss might be a 50pc more than some months from now.


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